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Wood wool cement board, size 2400*600, thickness 35 mm

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Scope of application This material is most often used for: permanent shuttering; exterior and interior wall insulation; exterior and interior wall finishing; insulation of floors and attics; noise reduction. Wood wool cement board is most often used for permanent formwork to benefit by all the strong points of the material. The board is very good for insulating floors and ceilings. Moreover, having the density of over 1100 kg/m3 and total thickness of over 50 mm, the wood wool cement board can be used for subflooring in utility rooms where high loads are not expected. If attached tightly to the ceiling, the board not only reduces heat losses but ensures effective soundproofing, such properties being useful for old multi-storey flats. After all, there is no soundproofing between the floors in such buildings, so the residents of the lower floors hear everything that goes on 1 to 3 floors above them. Low-density boards installed on walls also ensure effective insulation from any sounds that may enter the flat, making it less noisy.


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